The Wave

by Brandon Romano

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"Wrap us and lift us; drop us then, returned
Like water, undestroyed,—like mist, unburned..."

- Hart Crane, "To the Cloud Juggler"


released May 13, 2017

All music & lyrics by Brandon Romano except where noted

Production & miscellaneous instrumentation by Mike Ricci

Recorded in Cleveland, OH

Artwork by Brandon Romano



all rights reserved


Brandon Romano Cleveland, Ohio

Acoustic dream pop stylist from the suburban Midwest

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Track Name: Actress
Saw you gazing at a shop display As I stood ‘cross the street and thought of what to say

I haven’t seen you since our high school days When we took odd jobs expecting no raise

I read somewhere that you have it made far A real actress now, an off-Broadway star

I think it’s cool that you have followed your dreams There’s nothing here for someone who has reason to leave

I know you can’t stay long, your show is sold out, You’ve got a flight to catch, a marquee way out

But even if I have to stand here and shout I’ve just one thing to say and that’s I love you
Track Name: Reckoning
Waking up from a dream every morning about how she applies her makeup Waiting long at a bus stop in the rain with an umbrella torn by her nails Hovering over my head late in the day with a sun that shows up late Is she happy or is she sick in bed beneath the covers right where I left her

Is she stuck on the floor in a hall full of mirrors without her voice Is she singing the same song that no one hears she makes no noise Is she crawling with rats in the ceiling hungry for peace of mind Need to bury her deep in my head after I see her one last time
Track Name: The Last Spaceman
Hangin’ round my old launch pad Falling embers say one more drag Take my time heading home An autumn chill allays my soul The moon I know so well is full

Stop off at the old café Try to think of what to say Iced mocha caramel latte Guess I’ll get the usual Something warm to keep me cool

I know Houston you don’t need me But I beg you not to replace me with machines There ain’t no use for the old-fashioned spaceman

10 o’clock I missed the game But end results are all the same I’d rather watch a dumb movie Something to allay my soul A comedy about growing old

Spinning wheels and double As A waitress to accommodate A bachelor’s life no wedding cake My only love the space program Left me behind without a plan

Staring through a window screen My old friend staring back at me We are two on a one way street The end is near I do not fear There is still one way out of here
Track Name: What Signs Do You See?
Throwing stones at your stained glass window Tell me what signs do you see

Boarding all the doors to keep us all out Tell me what peace does it bring

Praying with your hands on a jeweled bible Hands we’ll soon hold up as trophies

Listen to us shout outside the front gates Tell me what signs do you see

Oh Pick up your rosary beads now let’s go Come outside the air is burning cold Show your face don’t hide it from us all

Ripping out pages from your gospel You cry you weep you say we’ll burn in hell

Drinking all the wine you keep in cauldrons Tastes so sweet as it runs down our mouths

Making love on stone ground to each other Listen to our echo down the hall

But we can’t read so read these signs for us Your kingdom’s ours oh to try to stop us now

So take back what is yours to keep Let no one steal rewards you reap The holy ghost is exercised blessed angels all Surrender

And give them no mercy They’d give none to you in return This town is yours so choose to let it stand or let it burn Remember
Track Name: Song for Living
When you climb up these dirty walls You will see me

If you back up before you fall You will be free

So don’t stand close to the edge Just close enough to hear my voice

There’s a rhythm to every sound That you can hear

There’s a feeling you can’t let down A smile for a tear

So don’t give up on me here Just take my hand have no fear

Hang on, hold tight Stay here with me tonight

You’re a rock And will roll on

Don’t drag your feet all through the mud Just lift your head up toward the sun

And shout to the world That you’re alive
Track Name: Timeless Melody (Lee Mavers)
The melody always finds me Whenever the thought reminds me Breaking a chain inside my head The melody chord unwinds me The rhythm of life unties me Brushing the hands of time away
If you look in your mind Do you know what you will find Open your mind
Even the words they fail me Oh look what it's doing to me I never say what I want to say It's only a word believe me If only the world could see me I promise I'd send the word away
If you look with your eyes Do you know what you will find Open your mind
Track Name: Straight Outta Marvel
You can’t touch me when I slip right past your guards And whisper in queen’s ear You’ll not see the ides of March And I’m an honest man

Oh you better watch out I’m back to save this town There’s no one else around

Oh you better watch out I’m gonna break your crown I’ll throw it to the ground

And watch it burst into a Thousand pieces you can’t even see Because you’re blind like me But I can hear you breathe

Oh you better watch out I’m back to save this town I’m the only one around

Oh you better watch out ‘Cause there’s a new king in town And he ain’t messin’ around

So you better grab your suitcase And wave your friends goodbye ‘Cause soon they’ll all be mine You better run for your life
Track Name: The Wave
You can’t escape the tidal wave Nor the sun that fades when you stop worshiping

All your angel ships that need to float Will all drift away against the tidal wave

And you are a butterfly Colorful but caught in a wave

Is that a horizon is that a shoreline Or am I insane

You cannot play beneath the sun all day Just to spite you I’ll pray for rain

All your gas lanterns that need to breathe Will all suffocate beneath the tidal wave

Yeah you are a gorgeous butterfly Your wings all broke And your falling hard out of the sky You cry out for me But I could care less about you now So leave me alone

Don’t bother me Leave me alone